Triple Chocolate Boulevardier

Triple Chocolate Boulevardier
The Triple Chocolate Boulevardier is a cocktail from Emily Arden Wells @gastronomista_ featuring 1pt Chocolate infused Campari

Here's what she said:

My love of spirited infusions runs deep - a trick I picked up from my mother who always has a few experiments going at any given time.  I've been known to experiment with chilies, artichokes, and flowers, but the flavors of chocolate have always been difficult to master without access to fresh cacao beans. 

Enter Teroforma, who recently launched their 1pt Master Kit, a system designed to infuse alcohol with specific flavors.  The kit comes with a handsome infusion bottle, a tasting straw, and a kit of flavor blends including lavender, lemon, chili, smoke, cinnamon, and chocolate.
The 1p No. 006 Chocolate Blend is made cocoa, vanilla rooibos, and marigold petals, and I thought it would be really delicious infused into Campari. 

I have to say, I was right. 
I prepared my Chocolate Campari into a triple threat chocolate Boulevardier, made with Selvarey Rum (a Panamanian rum infused with whole cacao beans), cacao liqueur, Carpano Antica, and a few dashes of mole bitters. 

The result?  Nothing less than my new favorite Boulevardier variation.  Enjoy!
The Triple Chocolate Boulevardier - Serves 1

1 oz Campari Infused with 1pt No. 006 Chocolate Blend

1 oz Selvarey Aged Rum

1 oz Carpano Antica

1/2 oz Tuthilltown Cacao Liqueur

2 Dashes Mole Bitters
Infusion time: 5 hours

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe. 

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