1pt Blue Spruce

1pt Blue Spruce
We bring you the Blue Spruce not only as a solution of
what to drink during happy hour but one we highly recommend for a brunch!

Not that we have anything against some sort of juice mixed
with champagne & a little vodka we're just up for a little change.

The Blue Spruce is light & bubbly plus the blueberries
provide a little something to munch on.

Plus if you happen to be having brunch outdoors on a sunny day it's highly refreshing!

1pt Blue Spruce (1 refreshing cocktail)
2 ounces 1pt N°001 Citrus Infused Dry Gin
1 package fresh blueberries
a squirt of simple syrup to taste(this could also be blueberry syrup)
juice from lemon wedge
rind from a lemon wedge
mild flavored tonic - like Canada Dry
rosemary stem

Place a handful of ice in a tumbler - we've used our Ekke Tumbler.

Over ice add gin, lemon (juice and peel) a few blueberries, syrup and top with tonic.

Give a little stir with the rosemary stem & sip.

Feel free to give the blueberries a little mashing.


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