Minty Moscow Mule

Minty Moscow Mule
You are guaranteed to fall in love at first sip with this Moscow Mule!

Traditionally the drink is served in a copper mug but
we think it looks great in our Ekke Tumblers.

Minty Moscow Mule - Serves 6 
    6 ounces 1pt N°001 Mint Infused Vodka
    Fresh lime juice from 1 lime plus 1 lime sliced
    3 cups ginger beer
    1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger
    candied ginger slices


    Combine vodka, lime juice and grated ginger in a shaker with ice
    shake vigorously until well mixed (30 seconds).

    Distribute lime slices between glasses along with ice.

    Pour shaken cocktail into glasses and top with ginger beer - stir.

    Embellish with candied ginger.



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