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Loophole Tongs

3 3/4”W x 10⅔”L
It has been said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We agree. And that’s why we were delighted to connect the masterfully reductionist London-based designer David Weatherhead with Chris Mroz, a Washington-based inventor and published research scientist, who has developed a proprietary Extreme Wood Bending™ process. This is the first use of the EWB process for product design and it comes in the form of our commission of David Weatherhead’s supremely simple and useful Loophole Tongs. Perfect for anything from salad to cold cuts, from toast to steamed vegetables. One seamless piece of carefully selected North American hardwood, elegantly shaped and loaded with the natural “elastic potential energy” made possible by Chris’s process. Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the tongs have a pedigree and presence that make them feel inevitable in any setting.

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David Weatherhead (London) Seeks to create objects that are of joyful simplicity, which have their own gesture and way of being. He’s interested in the way we live, our habits, cultures and how we make, buy and live with all of the things we have around us in our day to day lives. He finds inspiration in the street, home, factory floor, and in  everyday life.

Pure Timber (Washington) A proprietary Extreme Wood Bending™ process, that produces some of the worlds most dramatic and ambitious bentwood. Pure Timber is owned and managed by Canadian, Chris Mroz, an engineer with a passion for contorting wood. The EWB process has been used to bring to life the ideas of Frank Gehry and Sir Richard Rogers and it is now being used to create our very own Loophole Tongs.

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