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Avva S+P Shakers

2½" W x 3½" H | Natural Beech Wood
Our handcrafted shakers are the not too distant relatives of the Avva Keeper and the logical evolution of the Avva Mills in that they apply the same shape dynamics and the same embedded neodymium magnet concept to make sure that salt is never very far from pepper. Easy access stoppers on the bottom of each shaker make refills a snap.

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Teroforma Studio (Connecticut)Teroforma Studio is our in house team dedicated to making good design accessible while bringing a sense of surprise and delight to the table. A team of industrial and graphic designers Teroforma Studio brings together the entire company aesthetic by collaborating with creative minds from a wide variety of fields outside of the office.

Drevotvar (Czech Republic) Formally created in 1951 when a band of long-standing local manufacturers decided that there was strength in numbers, Drevotvar has stayed at the forefront of its commitment to ethical sourcing, bearing certification from both FSC ISO.


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