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Pitcher & Stirrer

40 Fl. oz | 12" H | Clear
An essential element of the sophisticated bar. The mouthblown non-lead crystal pitcher is reassuringly substantial. Perfect for Martini's, Margarita's, or whatever else you have in mind to share with guests. Best cared for by hand.

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Designer Tihomir Tomic (Zagreb) Tomic is a true master glassmaker who has been perfecting his craft for over 40 years. An apprentice to 20th century master Raoul Goldoni, Tomic has dedicated a lifetime to mastering the little things that make a design seem effortless.

Rogaska Glassworks (Slovenia) Rogaska has been making some of the world's finest mouthblown crystal since the 1660s. The custodians of that tradition are modern-day glassblowers, many of whom have taken over from their fathers or even grandfathers before them.

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