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Avva Serving Board

Made from conscientiously-sourced New England maplewood, these handmade boards are crafted for Teroforma by JK Adams in Vermont. Treated with a simple food-safe wood oil, just rinse and wipe down after each use.

Small, 12“H x 7”W
Medium, 12”W x 12”L
Large, 12”W x 19”L

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Designer Thea Mehl (Oslo) Thea's work focuses on relationships, object-to-object and object-to-user. Whether it's recalling visits to her grandfather's wood workshop or contemplating how a glass may relate to a carafe, it's the interplay that's being designed.

JK Adams (Vermont) JK Adams is a New England institution whose commitment to craftsmanship in the tradition of the Yankee woodcarver began with its founding in 1944. It has since remained a constant supporter of the craft, cultivating the next generation of craftsmen.

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