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Avva Keeper

2½" W x 3½" H | Natural
It is often the little things that matter most. That unintentional clutter that kind of bugs us on the one hand but kind of defines us on the other. Those totally inappropriate cufflinks we got from a favorite uncle for graduation, the keys to the roof rack that always go missing if not otherwise nailed down or that random collection of foreign coins we couldn’t cash in at the airport and honestly didn’t want to anyway. Our handcrafted Keeper is exactly that, a little storage container discretely sized and securely fastened with embedded magnetic closures designed to hold the little things in life - close at hand but safely out of harm’s way.

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Teroforma Studio (Connecticut) Teroforma Studio is our in house team dedicated to making good design accessible while bringing a sense of surprise and delight to the table. A team of industrial and graphic designers Teroforma Studio brings together the entire company aesthetic by collaborating with creative minds from a wide variety of fields outside of the office.

Drevotvar (Czech Republic) Formally created in 1951 when a band of long-standing local manufacturers decided that there was strength in numbers, Drevotvar has stayed at the forefront of its commitment to ethical sourcing, bearing certification from both FSC ISO.

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