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Hands Dishes Crumbs™

19 1/2" W x 27 1/2", 19 1/2" L
HandsDishesCrumbs is a system of three towels made of natural fabrics that combine the simple functionality of the right material and the right weave for the right purpose. Hands is a linen/cotton mix with a waffle weave that rids liquid from hands while also soaking it up; Dishes™ tightly woven pure linen is highly absorbent; Crumbs™ loose weave linen traps crumbs and resists wear and tear over time. Each comes with a tag that declares its purpose to help remind you that, finally, one towel doesn't have to do it all.

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Co-founder Anna Hellman (Connecticut) Swedish-born Anna prefers design projects that showcase the natural beauty of high-quality materials, offer room for something extra, and afford a chance to remember that a treasured object can serve much more than just its purpose.

Linas (Lithuania) Linen has been a way of life for Linas ever since its establishment in the geographic center of Lithuania's centuries-old weaving culture 50 years ago. Appropriately modern in its thinking, Linas has received ecological certification from OEKO-Tex and ISO.

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