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Ekke Sake Set

9 oz. carafe & 2½ cups
Our handcrafted sake carafe and cups, just like our famous Whisky Stones® beverage cubes, build on the notion of soapstone as an effective temperature regulator for drinks that are always best served “just so.” The polished surface of the pieces make them pleasing to the touch, while the hand-etched lines are both aesthetically pleasing and functional as they provide a gripping surface. Your cup should not actually runneth over after all.

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Dana D'Amico (New York) Effortless simplicity characterizes Dana D’Amico’s design philosophy. Blending urban elements with influences from nature, her modern, refined style comes from a respect for both material and form.

Amit Stoneworks (India) Founded in 1990 by namesake Amit Mehra, the stoneworks is located in the central Indian city of Agre - famed home of the Taj Mahal - so the talent for high-quality handworked stone is honestly derived. Amit Stoneworks is ISO certified for its fair labor standards.

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