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Avva Small Tumblers

8 Fl. oz | 2 1/2" H | Set of 2
This set of 2 Avva Small Tumblers includes one of each of the Avva shapes - ST1 and ST2. Specifically designed for Whiskey, the glasses work equally well for any one of your favorite spirits where quality is more important than quantity. Each glass is handmade and hand-polished using a compound that is usually reserved for optical lenses. Despite their unique appearance, the glasses are made to be used and are dishwasher safe.

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Designer Thea Mehl (Oslo) Thea's work focuses on relationships, object-to-object and object-to-user. Whether it's recalling visits to her grandfather's wood workshop or contemplating how a glass may relate to a carafe, it's the interplay that's being designed.

Kvetna Glassworks (Czech Republic) Founded in 1794 and sited in the midst of abundant local resources, the materials that Kvetna uses to create fine crystal are all local. So while big business worries about seeming green, the guys at Kvetna simply open the back door.

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