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Oyyo White Tea Pot

50 Fl. oz | 7" H | White
We dare to say our Oyyo White tea pot is essential. Tea or one or tea for two it's always the right occasion. And when finished it goes right in the dishwasher ready for the next use. Oyyo's focus on curve and flow in brilliant white bone china is contemporary without being trendy. Fired at nearly 2,400F, Oyyo White is highly durable.

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Designer Maria Lintott (London) Maria is based in London but works from her studio in rural Hertford where she draws inspiration from the contrast between town and country. For her Petal pattern, she took inspiration from a day spent sketching at Kew Gardens.

Asianera (China) If staying true to tradition runs against the current, then it's OK with Asianera founders Grace and JP for whom quality is preferable to quantity, the artist more valuable than the machine, and the responsibility of Made in China more important than the term.

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