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Oyyo White Cup & Saucer

8 Fl. oz | 3" H | White
Whether having your first cup of coffee in the morning or a sip after dinner the Oyyo White cup & saucer are perfect either time. Oyyo's focus on curve and flow in brilliant white bone china is contemporary without being trendy. Fired at nearly 2,400F, Oyyo White is highly durable. Dishwasher safe.

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Designer Thomas Allen (Peterborough) Ceramist Tom talks about curves and transitional forms as if walking amongst them in a landscape. His acumen for shape aside, it's his determination to relent only once a beautiful solution has been found that we admire most.

Asianera (China) If staying true to tradition runs against the current, then it's OK with Asianera founders Grace and JP for whom quality is preferable to quantity, the artist more valuable than the machine, and the responsibility of Made in China more important than the term.

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