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  • Avva Stoneware

    Avva Stoneware

    Reflective shapes in our Avva Stoneware collection stack and nestle in the cabinet as well as on the table. The inventive Bowl+Board has daily uses from storing salad in the fridge to cutting a baguette at the table.
  • Ekke Stoneware

    Ekke Stoneware

    This vitreous stoneware including serving pieces that holds heat and is durable enough to go from the fridge to the table to the dishwasher.
  • Avva Fern

    Avva Fern

    Like the Oyyo Petal series, Maria Lintotts's Fern pattern began as a series of photos from an afternoon spent in Kew Gardens outside London. Once back in her studio, she began layering elements to create a pattern exclusively for Teroforma.
  • Oyyo White

    Oyyo White

    Oyyo's focus on curve and flow in brilliant white bone china is contemporary without being trendy. Fired at nearly 2,400F, Oyyo White is highly durable. Dishwasher safe
  • Ullu Stone Dinnerware

    Ullu Stone Dinnerware

    The love of simplicity and natural materials is evident in this understated series of everyday stoneare plates, bowls, cups, and mugs. Natural, matte finish stoneware on one side, brilliant white glaze on the other and a hand painted line along the edge in one of four carefully coordinated colors