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Chambray Placemat

19.5 "W x 14 3/4" L | Set of 2
Double-sided deep azzuro blue place mats create a beautifully striking backdrop for plain white dishes with brightly colored foods atop them. Complemented by our Chambray napkins or used as a stand alone accent to a clean wooden table, these
mats make a subtle statement for any occasion.

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Co-founder Anna Hellman (Connecticut) Swedish-born Anna prefers design projects that showcase the natural beauty of high-quality materials, offer room for something extra, and afford a chance to remember that a treasured object can serve much more than just its purpose.

Tessitura Toscana Telerie - TTT (Florence) Founded in post WWII Florence by Vinicio Tarli and Fano Puliti this Florence based Linen house began as a small, family run operation. As opportunities arose and the factory expanded, management responsibilities were passed from generation to generation, all while retaining a general esteem for quality and design. Now run by the third generation of Tarli and Puliti’s descendants, TTT combines the industry’s newest technologies and the skill of Florentine craftsmanship.

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