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Custom Products


We will happily work alongside custom and trade clients (and their other advisors) to create unique tableware product and design solutions for a range of environments, including hotels, restaurants, clubs, companies and private homes. There are several ways we can help. Here’s how it works.

You know you want something unique, but...

First and foremost, we’re designers. We love working closely with you to learn first hand about your inspirations, goals and personal tastes. Once we’ve had a chance to meet you and ask our questions, we go away and do what we do – interpret and create. We share our ideas with you and help bring the ones you like best to life using our own expertise as well as that of our network of artisans and designers around the world. Perhaps you particularly like the work of one of the artists in our network. No problem. We'll do whatever you’d like to bring your vision to life.


You have a concrete idea and you want us to help bring it to life.

In this type of project, you’re the creative director; we project manage and bring our network to bear so that your concrete idea gets safely from whiteboard to table. While you don't need to be a trained designer, you do need to be able to provide us with specific direction about your vision. We will work with our network of designers and artisan-manufacturers as needed. We will also provide the technical assistance and project/material-specific expertise that often separates great ideas from great products. And we’ll manage each and every stage of the product’s development through to delivery at your door.


You have the idea and the designs already, you just need help getting it made.

In this case, we serve as project managers, commissioning your designs for production with our network of artisan-manufacturers. We will rely on your technical capabilities to guide any and all modifications that are required for full production. You’ll collaborate directly with our artisan-manufacturers as needed and will rely on us for logistics, scheduling and coordination of delivery.


We’ve learned that every project, client, product and process has its own unique characteristics. To explore the ways that we might be able to work together, please give us a call at +1.203.899.9950 or send an email to